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A Message from our directors

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Our curriculum is delivered with discovery, independence and creative problem-solving in mind. Our students love and are engaged by the hands-on environment. At Brentwood, we believe in the whole child. Character development goes hand-in-hand with academic mastery.


The Brentwood faculty is outstanding, both in technical competence, and caring nature. Lead teachers are certified, and all staff members are appropriately educated and experienced. Specialists offer regular classes in Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Library Skills.  In addition, Specialists offer weekly 6:1 ratio classes to Kindergarten - 5th Grade students in both Computer Science and hands-on Physical Science Labs.  

As your directors Lynn, Jennifer and I bring decades of training and experience to the Brentwood office.  Some of our administrative habits include being in every classroom every day, keeping our door open to students, parents and teachers, and same day, personal answers to phone and email messages.  We have treasured relationships with hundreds of past Brentwood families and look forward to meeting your family.


Robert Schackow           

Jennifer Morton           

Lynn Schackow

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