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Specials Classes

We are proud of our school, particularly our challenging, creative curriculum and our outstanding staff. Besides the powerful two teachers per classroom model, Brentwood also provides a team of quality specialists. They tend to be less visible, but they are an integral part of your child's whole education experience.​

Our Specialist Team includes:


Music (age two to 5th grade): Through dance, choral singing, and simple instruments our music class weaves holidays, cultural events, seasons, and history together in lively and engaging ways.

Spanish (age two to 5th grade): Elementary exposure to a foreign language trains the ear and promotes the student's comfort level so more serious study will come naturally later. 

Physical Education (age three to 5th grade): Through organized games and activities, physical education addresses strength, coordination, pride, confidence, and sportsmanship.

Library (age Pre-K to 5th grade): Each class contains a substantial, rotating library, but our main library offers a large book selection and special place for story readings and activities.

Technology Lab (Kindergarten to 5th grade): Students visit our iMac lab in groups of six for maximum personal attention to their studies. From practical skills like touch typing to creative endeavors like website development make this class a powerful part of our curriculum. 


Science Lab (Kindergarten to 5th grade): Again, in groups of six, students visit our well-equipped science lab for hands-on science experiences. The compliments our regular in-class science program perfectly. 


Art (1st grade to 5th grade): Our youngest students are awash in arts, crafts, and artistic decisions. Beginning in 1st grade we offer our formal Art program. Sophisticated techniques and fascinating art history make this a most popular class.

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