What is the biggest impact CrossFit has had on the story of your life?

The part of CrossFit that has influenced me the most is that it teaches you how to work through adversity while under duress. This "adversity" we face may be at home, at work, on a field, in a class room or whatever applies to our athletes lives. As an ICU nurse, I have to always be thinking a step ahead for the patients I care for and I feel that Cross Fit has enabled me to be able to do that while also being under extreme pressure of caring for very sick patients whom often times have sustained a life changing injury. The workouts we endure and push through, to squeeze out that extra rep or extra pound during a lift, has taught me that I am able to adapt and overcome any situation I encounter inside and outside of the gym.

What does being a coach mean to you?

Being a Coach means that I have the abilty to make a change or postivie influence on someones life each day. Not just while the athlete is completing a workout but before and after that as well. Getting to know each athlete on a personal level and ensuring that I am caring for them on that personal level is just as important to me as getting to know them as an athlete.

What is the aspect of building your best life that you most enjoy talking to people about?

The thing I love most about discussing this is that it can literally apply to anything that you are doing! Maybe you are trying to go back to school, find a better job, be a better person, whatever you want to apply this to, you can. That is the beauty of "building your best life". This is not something that is done just in the gym, but it applies to any aspect of life you want it to be apart of!

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