Fall 2020 Frequently asked Questions

Will my student be screened daily?

Yes. Temperature checks will occur every day upon arrival of all staff and students on campus.

What health and safety protocols are in place at Brentwood?

We have installed hand-wash stations in front of school. All students and staff must wash hands before coming on campus. Students and staff will wash/sanitize hands frequently throughout the day. All students and staff will have daily temperature screenings upon arrival. Class groups will be held static to limit potential contacts. Recess times are staggered. Cleaning of high touch surfaces will be increased. Non-essential visitors, volunteers, and parents will not be permitted on campus past the front map. Class doors and windows may be opened to increase air flow in classrooms. Mask rules will be strictly enforced.

What is your campus mask policy?

Masks are required for all staff when indoors and physical distancing is not possible. Students in Kindergarten-5th grade are required to wear a mask when indoors and physical distancing is not possible. Teachers may use a face-shield within a designated area for instruction when students are 6 feet away. Masks are not required outdoors. Students should not wear masks when playing on the playground or in outdoor PE activities. All parents must wear masks when on campus – including the map drop-off/pick-up area. Mask rules will be strictly enforced.

Who is providing masks to students and teachers?

Students and teachers should provide their own personal masks. Please put your child’s name on his or her mask. Brentwood will keep a supply of disposable masks on hand to provide as necessary. Brentwood will supply face shields to all teachers.

Will classroom spaces look different this year?

Yes. To provide physical distancing when indoors, desks in elementary classrooms will be spaced apart and in rows rather than in pods. Excess furniture will be removed to create more space. We have provided more tables in pre-school classrooms to allow for physical distancing when students are seated. We will provide visible markers to assist with spacing on the carpet

How often will my child get a ‘fresh air’ or outside break?

We know students will need ‘mask breaks’ throughout the day. We will continue with our twice daily recess program. Classes will take frequent walking/courtyard breaks between lessons during the school day. We have multiple outdoor spaces for outdoor lessons and activities when appropriate. Weather permitting, classes may go outside to eat snack and lunch.

What happens when a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19?

We have a step-by-step COVID-19 Response protocol. Find it here.

How will you communicate positive COVID cases on campus?

You will receive a school email in the event of a positive COVID case on campus. (School emails sometimes land in junk mail – please make sure to mark the Brentwood Administration email as safe.) Keeping our classes ‘insulated’ with no group mixing will help us with contact tracing and knowing the potential exposure level on campus.

How will you continue instruction if a class is in quarantine?

Each event will have its own set of circumstances and the best educational plan will be made on a case by case basis. Brentwood will strive to maintain continuity if on-campus learning is interrupted. Ideally, if the teacher is feeling well, she will continue to instruct via Brentwood Connect. If students are feeling well, they should participate. If the teacher is ill, a partner colleague will take on teaching responsibilities. If students are ill, absences are recorded but excused with a doctor’s note. If this should happen to your child’s class, we will provide you with a class plan as soon as possible. Please see our Continuous Learning Plan document as a reference.

Will my child be sharing supplies?

No. Students will be provided with their own set of school supplies. For those grade levels who go to Art as a specials class, students will take their personal supplies with them.

Can we continue to pay Brentwood tuition to hold a spot and return to campus later if we aren’t comfortable sending our child now?

Yes, as long as your child is receiving documented schooling from some other avenue when not schooling with us, we would be happy to hold a spot for your child with your monthly tuition.

How were these plans developed?

Our plans rely on CDC guidance, input from Brentwood parents via surveys, and consultation from Infectious Disease experts, Physicians, and Faculty at UF. As the situation is fluid, our plans may adapt to the most current recommendations. Please check our website often to make sure you have the most current information.