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Dear Friends of Brentwood, 

Greetings to all who have attended Brentwood, taught here, dropped off or picked up happy children here, attended an event with grandchildren here, cried at a 5th grade graduation here or laughed at the hi-jinx of a 3-year-old here. 


This letter is to announce that Brentwood is turning 50! 

In 1971, Doctors Al and Judy Block, local professors of Education, sat at their kitchen table and finalized plans to open a school. Their vision was a school dedicated to knowing each family and each child personally and offering an education of the highest standards. 

In 1981, Bob and Sue Schackow assumed the leadership of Brentwood School and over the next 40 years lived their dream of creating a progressive home for students, parents, teachers and staff. Today, Bob and Sue are enthusiastic mentors to a new generation of leaders in Lynn Schackow, Jennifer Morton, and Ginny Knoll. 

Over the last 50 years, much has happened on the Brentwood School campus. Brentwood has celebrated the countless learning moments, hugs, smiles and tears of thousands of children. Brentwood has celebrated the evolution of computers, remote learning, enhanced science studies and many other academic trends and breakthroughs. Brentwood has celebrated the on-going study of human behavior through teacher in-service and staff education. Each of these celebrations has helped Brentwood become a school that allows students to recognize their unique potential and practice their best plan to be an inspired, and inspiring person. 

Brentwood School has functioned under three guiding words over the years—Curiosity, Creativity, and Character. They remain sturdy and profound goals and should take care of us into the next half century quite well. 

Happy 50th everyone! May each of us remember how we benefited from our time at Brentwood School and pass the best forward. May we watch the newest class of 2-year olds and marvel at their potential. May we remember that we laughed often as we proceeded through the serious task of educating children.  

Over the next year, we will celebrate in ways, big and small, silly and serious. We will rededicate ourselves to lives as educators, the world’s most noble calling, and we will all do our part helping Brentwood continue as a true second home for each other.  


Bob Schackow 

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