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Brentwood Connect

The administration team here at Brentwood is continuing to monitor all COVID-19 information and making decisions accordingly. To ensure we are doing our part to limit community spread, Brentwood has made the decision to follow the Department of Education's decision to close school through May 1.

On Monday, March 30, Brentwood will transition to our new learning platform called Brentwood Connect!  Parents, please be sure to read the letter sent via email. *If you did not receive this email, please contact the office.*

Brentwood Connect will allow quality learning and community connection to resume while school is closed. See below for a special welcome back message from one of our directors, Lynn Schackow!

Tips for Getting Started with Brentwood Connect

Create a ‘School-Space’ at home where you can go each weekday to focus on your schoolwork and to keep your materials organized and handy. 


Establish a routine for learning at home. Children are comforted by a sense of normalcy and thrive with clear expectations and routine. Set the expectation that though we are at home, we are still ‘in school’. Click here to see one possible schedule to give each day rhythm and purpose – and hopefully minimize power struggles.

Take it slow. This first week will require time to get used to new routines and feel comfortable with our technology. 

Embrace family time. Get out board games, cards, and puzzles. Take walks and enjoy nature. It’s a gift to be together in our beautiful world.

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